Simple and efficient ways to collect money from your customers

Waste less time chasing payments and instantly boost your cash flow with debit order collections


Easy collections

Create recurring and non-recurring debit orders online and choose from our same-day, two-day and NAEDO services.


Get paid sooner

You are not required to provide upfront surety. Up to 90% of your collection value is paid on the day the debits are processed.


Multiple mandate formats

Debit order mandates can be voice recordings or paper- based and can be stored on your Sage Pay account for ease of reference.


Advanced collection facilities

Present debit orders to cheque and savings accounts as well as MasterCard and Visa credit cards.


Comprehensive reports

Analyse your debit order collections with ease using our comprehensive reports and statistical data available on your online account.



Track bank accounts and improve your collection rate with a NAEDO facility. You determine the tracking period, which can range from 1 – 32 days.

Netcash's advanced collection facilities allow you the convenience of processing debit orders to any South African Bank account.