Simple and secure salary payments on time, every time.

With Sage Pay you can capture recurring and once-off salary payments online to all South African banks and account types.

Reason 1

Save time

By using bank account validation you will avoid unnecessary last minute rejections when processing payments. You have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.
Security is a priority

Extra security

For added security you can decide on the levels of access, the number of authorisers per batch, and use One Time Pins to authorise payments.

Peace of mind

Ensure that you pay money into the correct bank account by using our bank account verification service.
Reason 6

Flexible payment options

Our flexible payment options ensure that all payments reflect on the same date in the beneficiaries’ account, irrespective of where the bank account is held.

Be in control

Extensive reporting and audit trails together with payment notifications allow you to be in control of every aspect of a transaction.

Sage Integration

Sage Pay services are integrated into Sage Payroll software

Reason 9

Pay the right person

Validate and verify bank account numbers at point of capture in your Sage Payroll software.

Secure payments

Seamless file uploads to Sage Pay means no more risky exposure of payment files. Payment batches can be locked when uploading, ensuring that payments cannot be edited in your Sage Pay account.

Know your employees

Manage your business risk and avoid fraud by conducting consumer credit checks from multiple credit bureaus.
Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive statement

One comprehensive Sage Pay statement can be downloaded to automate your reconciliation of payments made.

Save Money

Take advantage of our reduced transaction fees when you process salary payments directly from your Sage software.

Allow GL Accounts to help you streamline your business processes and automate your cash flow; enquire about a Sage Pay account today.

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