Sage Pastel Payroll Partner Advantage

The right payroll software is a major advantage

Running Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage software will offer you all the advantages you have come to expect from this trusted brand. The SARS compliant solution is ideal for rapidly growing businesses who need a comprehensive payroll.

Your tax submissions and EMP201/EMP501 returns are simple, your payslips are customisable and there is smooth General Ledger (GL) integration with Sage Pastel Accounting. Mobile services allow employees to make use of the mobile app to access payslips and leave balances.

You can now also enjoy more flexible processing methods for managing larger sets of data. The cloud-based Self Service portal allows for online data storage, workflow and approval, and data sync between cloud and desktop.

Invest in an affordable, automated payroll solution – Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage.


Advantages for your business:

  • Process weekly, fortnightly and monthly paid employees with ease.
  • Make SARS submissions for multiple companies with multiple databases a breeze with consolidated reporting.
  • Self Service Advantage links your organisation’s multiple payroll companies into one Self Service portal – empower your employees to access their secure online profile, submit travel claims and manage their leave. Capture assets on your employees profiles which will notify you when it needs to be returned. With Cloud HR, certain HR functions are taken directly to each line manager and empowers them to manage their staff directly. This includes online data capture, manager access to staff records in the cloud, distribution of HR related forms online with built-in workflow and approval, as well as email notifications.
  • Bulk Terminations and Reinstatements makes it easy to dismiss or re-employ multiple employees at once – especially useful if you employ seasonal or project-based employees.
  • Four feature-rich additional modules give you a complete range of tools that add value to your payroll processes:
    • Human Resources Management – an easy-to-use desktop HR System for human resource managers, suitable for any size and type of business.
    • Salary Structuring – simplifies the task of structuring a Total-Cost-To-Company remuneration package for each employee.
    • Multiple Transactions Manager – complete more than one task easily, from only one screen.
    • Third Party Payments – disburse company deductions or contributions, like medical aids or pension funds, with the click of a button.

Mobile Services

Your employees will be able to use our mobile app to access payslips and leave balances. This mobile service is available to Sage Pastel Payroll Advantage users and will allow your employees to make use of our latest application for Android mobile devices (iOs and Windows versions coming soon). Our mobile app also includes free access to our salary tax calculator.

Modules Included

Human Resources management made easy

With our easy-to-use HR Software System, suitable for any size and type of business, performance reviews and disciplinary procedures have never been more accurately recorded.
Because the system is so concise and reports are customised to each employee, avoiding CCMA cases and compensation for wrongful dismissal is guaranteed.

What it does for you:

  • Disciplinary procedures are simplified by a system that comes with 66 disciplinary reasons – each with a set offence level;
  • Keep track of company assets in employees’ possession;
  • HR software ships with standard HRD forms and templates;
  • No Human Resources degree needed;
  • Telephonic and email support for the first year;
  • Single user or unlimited user options.

What’s even better is that the HR Management Software System integrates easily with the Sage Pastel Partner Payroll software program, making for a speedy return on your investment.

Calculate individual employees' remuneration in a flash

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll’s Salary Structuring Module offers you amazing functionality to calculate individual employees’ remuneration packages. It is like having a Salary Structuring Assistant! This module simplifies the complicated task of structuring a Total Cost To Company remuneration package, according to the employee’s letter of appointment.

By simply entering the total package value and various package components, Sage Pastel Payroll & HR will calculate the value of the remaining Cash Component and update the employee’s payslip with the structure you define. Alternatively, make use of the Nett to Gross Package calculation to accurately determine the Gross Basic Salary required to ensure the employee receives an agreed Nett Pay amount in each pay packet.

The Salary Structuring Module offers eight calculators to assist you with the quick calculations of various allowance and fringe benefit values. Based on information provided by your employees, you can now calculate an accurate value for Travel Allowances or the taxable benefit value of a Company Vehicle without having to understand or refer back to any of the complicated rules and regulations required by legislation.

Our Salary Structuring Module can be used to structure an employee’s pay package using one of two methods namely Total Cost To Company or Nett to Gross Salary. In addition, there are eight calculators built into the Salary Structuring Module to assist you to calculate the fringe benefit of the Use of Company Vehicle, Private use of Assets, Free and Cheap Accommodation and many more.

The standard functionality of the Salary Structuring Module has been enhanced with an Assistant Wizard which is available to set up new employee salary information.

Method 1 – Total Cost To Company

You are able to use the Total Cost To Company Structure Option to provide a Total Cost Package value as well as setup package components like allowances and company contributions. In addition, you can calculate the remaining value allocated to the Cash Component (Basic Salary).

Method 2 – Nett To Gross Salary

Use the Nett To Gross Salary Structure Option to specify a Net Monthly Salary value to allow Sage Pastel Payroll & HR to calculate the required Gross Basic Salary value for you.

Salary Structuring Assistant

To assist you to with a new employees’ Salary Structure, the Salary Structuring Assistant Wizard will appear when proceeding Salary Structuring with the stats of the employee as ‘new’.

Should you wish to utilise the Salary Structuring Assistant Wizzard for an existing employee, you can access it from the standard Salary Structuring screen. Salary package calculations are made easy by the Salary Structuring Module included in Sage Pastel Payroll Advantage package.

Automate payments to third parties

With our Third Party Payments Module, any company deduction or contribution can now automatically be paid over to the relevant company with the click of a button.

No more manual capturing required with a once-off beneficiary (third party) setup. You can eliminate human error and save valuable processing time as well as obtain a detailed transaction listing report per employee and party. Third Parties can include Provident Funds, Medical Aids, Garnishee Orders, Industrial Councils, OID, EMP201 SARS payments, to name a few

Easy global updates

The Multiple Transaction Manager Module allows you to give the entire company a salary increase based on either a set value or a specific percentage and process a production bonus or commission by only using one screen. Over shutdown periods, putting your entire workforce on leave has never been this quick and easy.

This feature allows you to make global updates to any transaction within the Payroll system to all, or a selection of employees. These transactions can include leave, bonuses, travel allowances and commission.

Take the admin out of payroll & HR

With Sage Pastel Payroll Self Service, employees can apply for leave, submit travel claims and update their personal details online or via their smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Enables mobility: all you need is an internet connection
  • Self Service is hosted: no IT team required
  • Based on workflow capabilities and the organisational chart
  • Self Service is secure
  • Synchronises with our payroll software
With our Self Service app, payroll administrators and business owners will get their payroll software updated automatically, eliminating manually recapturing of leave or travel claim forms.

Self Service – a simple, affordable payroll solution

Self Service is a web-based self-service tool to help you run your business smoother, faster and more efficiently. With many organisations going ‘green’, Self Service provides the perfect paperless solution, saving you money as well as time.

Cloud hosted payroll

As Self Service is a hosted solution, the application sits in the Cloud, meaning deployment is rapid and implementation costs are low. The only infrastructure you need to host this online payroll application is an internet connectionon the computer where you use your Sage Pastel Payroll & HR.

Additional Self Service Applications

Leave Requests

You can apply for leave via your smartphone by simply entering the start and end date of when you require leave as well as the type of leave, such as sick leave, annual leave or unpaid leave, to name a few.

Self Service automatically retrieves the balance of annual leave days due. The leave application form will be sent to your direct manager who can either accept or decline the application. A full audit trail is available.

Travel Claims

Keeping track of business travel has never been this quick and easy! You can simply submit your travel claims via your smartphone!

Depending on the workflow setup, this can, like with leave applications, be accepted or declined by your manager and then forwarded to the Payroll Administrator. Simple.

Update Details

You can update your personal details, contact details, physical and postal address as well as banking details via your smartphone.

Once the changes are approved by your manager, the Payroll Administrator is able to automatically update the Sage Pastel Payroll & HR system at the click of a button!

View Payslips

Exclusive to our Flex subscription offering:
You can securely view current and historic payslips on your smartphone.
Simple and convenient!

Self Service is a secure application using similar security as online banking vendors ensuring your payslips are kept strictly confidential.

Click here to read more about the Flex subscription offering.

View Leave Balances

You can view your leave balances, such as sick leave or annual leave, on your smartphone.

Self Service automatically retrieves the balance of leave days due as well as leave days taken and accrued. This makes applying for leave even easier than before

Additional Add-On Modules

Helping you with Industrial Council reporting

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR caters for the following Industrial Councils: MIBFA, MIBCO / MICFA, the Electrical Industry and the Road Freight Industry as well as the Private Security Industry. This module will even provide you with the ability to generate the applicable Industrial Council’s electronic submission files.  

Now you no longer have to manually complete the Industrial Council reports. Simply generate the submission file and e-mail it to the applicable Industrial Council at the click of a button.  

This way you are ensured that all your calculations are correct the first time around, eliminating the chance of data-capture errors.

A powerful reporting tool providing business intelligence  

What do you get when you combine South Africa’s leading Payroll software with Microsoft® Excel? A reporting tool that allows you to manipulate reports in order to make improved decisions through business intelligence (BI).  

If you entrust Microsoft® Excel to share, present and analyse information, then this module is for you. Sage Pastel Payroll Intelligence Reporting is a module that dynamically links to your payroll data, taking your business way beyond traditional reporting functionality, using the power of Microsoft® Excel.  

Our standard, ‘pre-set’ reports save you time  

This module ships with more than 20 standard report formats such as a job costing report, year-on-year leave comparison report, leave taken listing, rate report, years of service listing, to name a few. The module retains amended spreadsheet layouts and makes them available for future use. These reports can be ‘sliced and diced’ according to your own unique requirements, with comprehensive graphical illustrations for easy analysis and reporting purposes.  

End-user Empowerment  

If you retain and save the design of your spreadsheets, you will avoid having to re-format them every time you generate the Excel report.  

Customised Reports  

You can customise the standard set of reports and templates, and even create new ones

Validate and verify employees’ ID numbers and bank accounts  

Validations and verifications  

You can enjoy the benefit of validating and verifying your employees’ ID Numbers and Bank Accounts by paying a modular fee on a monthly or annual payment plan.  

Bank accounts (verify and validate)  

Bank account validation ensures that a valid bank account has been entered into your Payroll System and bank account verification ensures not only that the bank account is valid and in existence but also that it is in the name of the employee specified on your Payroll. This eliminates one of the most critical areas of payment fraud in your Payroll run i.e. paying one employee’s salary into a “fake” or erroneous bank account of another individual.  

ID numbers (verify and validate)  

By validating and verifying the ID numbers on your Payroll you create complete peace of mind not only that your employee has provided a valid ID number but also that the ID number has been verified as belonging to the associated employee and is recorded on the Department of Home Affairs list of official ID numbers. This eliminates both fake ID numbers as well as ID Numbers not associated with the given employee.  

A pre-requisite for Additional Services is that you have our Sage Pay Module.  

Credit checks and salary EFT payments  

To make use of Credit Checks and Salary EFT Payments services, you can contact me directly on +27 83 458 7707  

Salary EFT payments  

Salary payment batches are created automatically within your Payroll System and forwarded to Sage Pay without creating the infamous “text files” which previously needed to be stored on the hard drive of your Payroll Administrator’s computer and then forwarded or transferred to the authorised user of your banking software for transmission to the relevant bank. This improves efficiency and eliminates yet another potential area for Payroll fraud via the editing of the Payroll text file batch once it has been created in the Payroll and before it is imported into the banking software.  

Credit checks  

You will be provided with valuable information on existing and potential employees including judgements, defaults, notices / alerts, fraud listings / indicators, marital status and spouse detail, including all residential address details. Reports are sourced from the three main credit bureaus in South Africa, namely TransUnion, Experian and XDS.

Flex Monthly Subscription 

Take advantage of our Flex monthly subscription offering, with no upfront costs or annual license fees. You will also receive a range of additional features as described below.

Why use our Flex Subscription?

  • Secure, easy-to-use Payroll & HR software solutions
  • No upfront software costs or annual licence fees
  • Affordable, monthly subscription

What's included in Flex?

  • Free online bank account and ID number validations and verifications services
  • Mobile travel logbook for employees
  • Online report repository for custom reports

Why choose Sage Pastel Payroll & HR?

Work smarter and more efficiently. 

Integrates seamlessly with the Sage Pastel Accounting software suite as well as most other accounting software packages available on the market. 

  • Employees can apply for leave, submit travel claims and update their personal details online or via their smartphone. If your staff make use of online or mobile applications, your desktop payroll solution can be updated automatically. Eliminating any manual recapturing.
  • Your HR needs, such as hiring staff and performance management, will be taken care of.
  • Put all of your staff (or specific departments) on leave or give them a salary increase with one click.
  • Calculate cost-to-company packages in seconds.
  • Transfer funds to medical aids, provident funds or any other 3rd party vendor.
  • Do payroll whenever it’s convenient for you - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Become a payroll know-it-all with our RSS Feeds, which keep you up-to-date with legislative changes, important industry news and new software releases and features.
  • The software assistants help you become a payroll expert.
  • You have been given you all the templates for your transactions and the freedom to create your own.
  • Add that professional edge by using our pre-printed, customisable and confidential payslips. What’s more, you can customise them by adding your logo. Click here to place your order.


What can Sage Pastel Payroll & HR do for you?

Reasons to choose Sage Pastel Payroll & HR for your business

  • A system so easy you can use it from day one.
  • Tax submissions and EMP201/EMP501 returns made quick and simple.
  • Automated updates ensure you always process on the latest software and legislative version.
  • Automated Payroll & HR solutions to protect your cash flow and bank balance.
  • A payroll package that’s used by more businesses than any other in South Africa.
  • Smooth GL integration with Sage Pastel Accounting.
  • Your payroll data is always safe and secure.
  • You can trust Sage Pastel. They have been around for 25 years.
  • Process weekly, fortnightly and monthly paid employees with ease.
  • Become a payroll know-it-all with our RSS Feeds, which keep you up-to-date with legislative changes, important industry news and new software releases and features.
  • The software assistants will help you become a payroll expert.
  • You have been given you all the templates for your transactions and the freedom to create your own.
  • Add that professional edge by using our pre-printed payslips. What’s more, you can customise them by adding your logo. Click here to place your order.
  • Put away the calendar and calculator. Leave has been made easy.
  • The optional modules avaiable will give you a complete range of tools, adding value to your payroll processes.