Make payments confidently, on time, every time.

Salary & Creditor Payments

Sage Pay enables you to capture details for recurring and once off payments directly on our website, and process secure payments to all South African banks and account types.


Features & benefits

  • Payments can be processed on any business day (excluding public holidays), and can be dated up to 60 days in advance.
  • Same day payments can be processed Monday to Friday and need to be authorised by 1pm on the payment action date. The payment will reflect in the beneficiaries account on the same date.
  • Dated payments can be processed Monday to Saturday and need to be authorised by 1pm on the day prior to payment date.
  • All payments will reflect at the same time in the beneficiary’s account irrespective of the bank or type of account.


Account balance

  • Funds transfer - Should you not have sufficient balance in your Sage Pay account to make payments, you can transfer the funds to our clearing accounts at one of the 5 major banks.
  • Credit balance – Processing debit orders through your Sage Pay account, allows you to release payments against the value of your debit order collections.


Payroll administration

  • We have a tailored solution for your payroll administration or outsourcing business. Ask your Account Manager for more information



Fee Type Cost
Monthly Fee R40.00
Transaction Cost
0-100 R3.00
101-250 R2.80
251-500 R2.60
501-1000 R2.40
1000+ Price on request
Transaction Notifications
Email R0.20
SMS R0.40

All prices exclude VAT




Verification of Bank Details



  • Avoid unnecessary last minute rejects when processing payments by using bank account validation. You have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.
  • Ensure that you pay money into the correct bank account by using our verification service.
  • Seamless file uploads to Sage Pay means no more emailing payment files. Email is often unsafe, unreliable and exposed on the computer desktop.
  • Security is no longer an issue as payment batches can be locked when uploading, ensuring that payments can’t be edited in your Sage Pay account.
  • Our flexible payment options ensure that all payments reflect on the same date in the beneficiaries’ account, irrespective of where the bank account is held.



  • Manage your risk and avoid internal fraud by checking the credit status of potential employees and those in positons where managing money is key to their role.
  • Once you complete your payroll run, your employee payments file is automatically created and uploaded to Sage Pay.



  • Salary payments are reconciled to Sage Pastel Accounting through Bank Manager.
  • Download Sage Pay statement into Bank Manager to automatically reconcile supplier payments.



  • Conduct commercial checks from multiple credit bureaus, get information on judgments, default payments and fraud listings.Select outstanding supplier invoices from Sage Pastel Accounting and send payments seamlessly to your Sage Pay account.



Fee Type Cost
Monthly Fee R40.00
ID number validation FREE!
Bank account validation FREE!
ID number verification R4.75
Bank account verification R4.00
Salary & supplier payments R3.00

Prices exclude VAT.

High monthly volume- special fee structure available on request.