Consulting terms and conditions

Existing Clients

  • A fee increase of R30 will be effective as from 1 March 2020 as there has been no increase to the rates in the past year.
  • New Consulting and Travel Time rates are at R750 per hour.
  • Petrol rates remain the same for 2020.
  • GL Accounts works on an hourly basis at R750 per hour. Should you call in for a small piece of work and the work be started without quotation, you are in agreement with GL Accounts hourly rates of R750 per hour and that GL Accounts will charge you for the hours it took in which to complete the work.
  • All new pieces of work, will require an assessment on an hourly basis at R750 per hour to provide the client with a quotation for work to be done. An assessment may include a meeting on site.
  • Small jobs for existing clients may be attended to without the initial assessment and deposit provided the client agrees to and accepts the hourly rate of R750 per hour.
  • Payment should be processed on completion of the work done. No interest will be charged on payments made within 7 working days of completion of work.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to check and approve that the work which has been contracted upon is completed, correct and approved. The client will be sent an invoice for payment to be made. Should the client have any queries related to the work completed, the client will be required to confirm this in writing within 10 working days of the completed work. If the client only addresses this query after 10 working days, the client will be charged the consulting fee of R750 per hour and payment for work completed will still be payable as per the original contract.
  • Compound Interest will be charged for all late payments at 2.5% per month.
  • All statements will be sent on a weekly basis on a Friday.
  • Invoices will be sent on a regular basis to confirm work being done.
  • Further work required will entail that all consultation fees have been fully paid up. Each piece of work requires payment before the commencement of any new work.
  • There may be the occasion to consult with Sage Pastel telephonically whilst consulting. This will be charged for under normal consulting rates of R750ph. 


New Clients

  • All new work will require an assessment of the nature of the work to be done.
  • The Assessment will be for between 2 to 3 hours and will be charged at R750 per hour. Travel time will be charged at R750 per hour, and Travel Kilometres at R6 per hour.
  • This is payable via EFT or Cash at the end of the assessment.
  • In cases where the assessment is able to resolve the concerns, the hourly rate is R750 per hour.
  • Thereafter if a quotation is required, a quotation will be supplied to be signed off by the client in order for work to proceed
  • Work will require a 50% deposit upfront. Once that has been received, work can commence.
  • Should the scope of the work change during implementation, this will be discussed upfront and an additional quotation will be supplied to be signed off.


Cancellation of Appointments

  • A meeting request is confirmation of an appointment.
  • A 24 hour cancellation notice on appointments is required. Should you not cancel within 24 hours, a cancellation charge of 2 hours at R750ph will be charged.
  • Should I not receive a cancellation notice and on arrival at your premises you are not available then full travel time and travel km’s will be charged for in addition to time booked at R750ph.
  • If a number of days in a row are booked for example 1 week, then I will require 1 week cancellation notice in advance.
  • Should I not receive cancellation notice for the 1 week, a cancellation charge of 2 hours per day at R750ph will be charged.