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Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional provides automatic updates to keep your business in sync with tax laws and regulatory standards, preventing any penalties due to late filings or inaccurate tax calculations. With Payroll Professional, you have full control and flexibility over every step of your payroll process through advanced applications, ensuring compliance with legislative guidelines. The software’s real-time design makes it incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What makes Sage Business Cloud Payroll different?

Enhance Business Efficiency with Secure and Fully Compliant Payroll Solutions. Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional has been meticulously developed through extensive collaboration with diverse clients across industries and sizes. It encompasses all the necessary features to securely and efficiently manage your payroll, empowering you to focus on what truly matters – boosting productivity and profitability.

Enjoy remarkable flexibility through a wide array of applications that enable comprehensive control over every aspect of your payroll while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Payroll Professional enables seamless integration of additional modules and functions to expand its capabilities, adapting to your evolving business needs.

Tailor the system to your specific requirements by defining your preferences, and Sage will provide thorough training to equip your staff with the knowledge to utilize the full potential of the payroll solution. With an extensive range of support services available, expert assistance is readily accessible to address any queries or concerns.

Putting your employees at the forefront, Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional offers a cohesive and streamlined personnel management (PM) extension to its payroll component. This integrated PM feature allows you to efficiently record training, disciplinary actions, interviews, issued items, and maintain various HR-related documentation.

The Employee Sage Self Service (SSS) simplifies leave management with intuitive tools for your staff to update personal details, request leave, submit claims, and access online payslips. By embracing SSS, the process of capturing, approving, and maintaining employee leave becomes a streamlined, paperless workflow.

What are the features of Sage Business Cloud Payroll?

Easy to use
Efficient real-time processing, scenario testing without pay runs, easy employee addition, simplified table lookups, payslip and report history printing, compliance with bargaining councils, Retirement Reform rules, and maternity leave activation with UIF dates. Mobile payslip access and net pay splitting between bank accounts
Smooth capturing of employee information
Link employees to departments, pay points, projects, sites, and cost centers. Choose payment methods and submit electronic payments. Make payments to third parties and in different currencies. Customize payslip language and attach employee photos. Record benefit details like medical aid and pension funds.
Convenient on-screen payslips 
Access an intuitive online payslip screen that provides comprehensive details of your employees’ earnings, deductions, and company contributions. Effortlessly capture payslips online, with the convenience of bulk input for efficient batch processing. Enjoy real-time visibility of payslips and the flexibility to adjust net salaries during the processing phase
User-Friendly Reporting
Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional offers a powerful report-writing tool with a variety of features. Access standard and country-specific statutory reports, ensure compliance with legislative requirements, customize company-specific reports, and protect data with password-protected enhanced reports.
The Power of Integration
Integrate Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional, HR, and Employee Sage Self-Service (SSS) solutions for a fully integrated business management system. Seamlessly connect with accounting software and clock-card systems.

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