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Evolution Anywhere is an innovative software solution that provides full access to Sage 200 Evolution’s functionality, whether on the cloud or on premise. The software uses Microsoft SQL Server to enable remote connection to a SQL server database through any internet connection, delivering a seamless experience for users.

Evolution Anywhere solves the problem of having the SQL database and application software on the same network, creating a centralized database environment ideal for multi-branch businesses. With a centralized database, businesses benefit from enhanced security, centralized updates, lower administration costs, reliable backups, and real-time processing of critical business data.

To use Evolution Anywhere, simply install the software on the SQL Server and workstations running Sage 200 Evolution. With an internet link to your SQL database, you can easily work in Sage 200 Evolution’s advanced operating environment, capture critical business data, and perform key business processes.

What are the features of Sage Evolution Anywhere?

Evolution Anywhere. Simple, Affordable And Possible.

  • Easy Implementation, require no additional customization.
  • Evolution Anywhere works with any version of Microsoft SQL server.
  • Seamless Integration into any network environment.
  • Automatic updates ensure that all users are always on the latest version.
  • No addition login procedures or username and password to remember.
  • All data exchanged between server, controller and client are encrypted using SSL.
  • No additional software costs – Microsoft Office license or RDP Cals.
  • No more RDP monitoring required.
  • Evolution Anywhere does not use any terminal services and all applications run on the local PC. No more issues with remote printing, importing or exporting of data.
  • Remote support is easier for clients without the need for 3rdparty software such as TeamViewer or VNC
  • Companies with multiple branches can connect and work seamlessly on a central SQL database at head office or hosted in a data centre. Benefitting from real-time stock levels, pricing changes, reporting, order processing, etc.


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